The fine art of censorship, from the usual suspects........

Discussion in 'Politics' started by acronym, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. achilles28


    Another vehicle for truth co opted by the Establishment.

    Human nature? Sure.

    Does that make it ok? Fuck no.

    People seem to enjoy being lied to.
    Which again, explains why this story will go down the memory hole like everything else.
  2. Yup.
    Positive spin, is positive spin, no matter which way you spin it.

    But this is good, because, outside of mainstream media, you can see actual examples of meddling here-some benign, some 'just" self serving, some quite rotten, others potentially altruistic, in a screwed up way.

    What this guy has done is worthy of recommendation, wiki is such a great resource imo, someone needed to do this, even if it isnt the most comprehensive resource-you dont know "facts" may change in future.
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    I love wiki. Always have.

    As I see it - perception is the problem.

    Yes, its been abused. But will this story crack mainstream perception? Probably not.

    Therein lies the rub.

    These days, reality is awarded to the most convincing slight-of-hand.

    Its discouraging.
  4. achilles28


    Im being pessimistic. I just wish people would wake up.
  5. Already slipped back a page i see........

    Now, its ANTI GOVERNMENT!!!noooooooo..........well, only a matter of time before murdoch buys the internet now.
    Egads, forsooth, criminy, jump'in jeepers .

    Well, they HAVE to edit it if its anti government, after all. Maybe they could declare it a terrorist organisation or something........
  6. "well, only a matter of time before murdoch buys the internet now."

    That is funny, Al Gore invents the interent, Murdoch buys the internet and I invented the EURO.
  7. i love wikipedia. But they could eliminate some of the self-serving censorship if they stopped allowing anonymous, unregistered people to change pages.

    Also, edits should not appear instantly, but should be first reviewed. There is value in adding your advertising or spins to a wildly popular topic, even if only for a day.

    What I dont like, is people who clip out valuable information that is added by others. I put in some good research stuff for nutrition, and it got removed by people who decided to rewrite paragraphs thjeir own way. Thus I stopped contributing. New posters should not be allowed to REMOVE content from others, but to flag errors or add new content.