The Financial Elite Have Sacrificed The System's Survival

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    Wall Street's Tower of Babel

    The financial elite of the United States have sacrificed the system’s survival

    by Parker Eales| September 15, 2008

    Once men break with tradition, venturing upon colossal financial experiments, they lose the ability to navigate. They lose their sense of proportion, their sense of the fundamental rules that govern finance. They abandon the sense that the system may be at risk. It is always dangerous to mistake where you are, to lack the means for recognizing error, to believe that immediate success – or successes earned to date – indicate some newfound path to financial success.

    The modern alchemy experiment ,among many things, was to turn clever packages of loans blessed by the priests of ratings into gold. The truth might be that an experiment, successful for some, is nonetheless an ultimate disaster for all. Perhaps there is something inherently unstable in the assumptions, in the people, in the situation of unprecedented success and credit. Perhaps the victor is spoiled by his victories; perhaps planet Wall Street that innovates cannot grasp the consequences of so many innovations piled one upon the other without regard for the system that mother’s it.

    The financial elite of the United States were willing to do a “winner take all” and the hell with the unwashed. They were making so much money selling packages of make believe to market valuations, that they really did not care if the fiasco of jungle high finance destroyed the entire system as long as they made “theirs”. The feral, ruthless and sophisticated salesmen created and sold weapons of mass financial destruction so complicated that the only money in the confusion was their fees. The blood lust of knowing buyers would have their faces ripped off was elation.

    We are falling into a kind of chaos. This chaos appears in our economic behavior – in our indebtedness and failure to observe the traditional rules of economy. We have also ignored the warnings of our forefather’s money and credit. And we have lost our common sense in matters of money and finance. We fought a war on drugs but did not realize that the devil’s most powerful drug is credit. Is there any doubt that human beings cannot resist its addiction? We are now beyond the point of no return.
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    "And this too shall pass"

    On the other side there will a very very different world.

  3. The bigger question is: Why isn't anyone in Jail?

    The leaders within these ratings agencies need to be in Jail. As current conditions prove, all these ratings agencies are sham organizations.

    Once the blood spills into main street, the public will demand hangings. And it might very well begin at the very top.
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