The Final Stage in the Deindustrialization of America

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  1. Nothing I didn't know before, but its a good read.

    Here are some excerpts:

    Oh America, will you ever revolt against the lies ? I don't think so. We are too big and too diverse to revolt. We will never elect a non-mainstream politician either as president. Even if we do, the crooks in Congress will not let the president make sweeping moves.

    Can anything be done to save America from its eventual destruction, until its too late ? America is the 21st century version of 20th century UK. Once proud, now begging to IMF. Atleast UK had us as partner in times of need. We have no 'wealthy' friends in the world who will help us in our time of need. China will suck our blood dry if it can help it. Its almost at a stage where it doesn't need us anymore to survive.