The Final 3 Hours of Trade on Friday's

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  1. The last 3 hours of trade on Friday afternoon, are the final 3 hours of trade for the week worldwide. 2/3 of the players are either sleeping or enjoying wine over dinner. Out of the remaining 1/3, half of them have started their weekend early. The last 3 hours are hardest trade of the week. Leave this time for the ADDICTS. Do not give them your hard earned money.
  2. But we need it ...
  3. nitro



    I just got a new car, and I need extra money to fill my tank with - the thing only takes premium :eek:

  4. Starting tomorrow, keep track for 6 months the money you made or lost in the final 3 hours of Friday trade. After 3 months you will be shocked. The last 3 hours are your treat for working hard all week. Do not rip yourself off.
  5. We actually did that study and contrary to all our opinions; it did not pan out that way ...
  6. You didnt get a Cooper Mini?

  7. Nitro,

    I believe in Patience on the way into a trade and Discipline on the way out. Patience and Discipline
  8. That's because you're the bank, not the customer.
  9. I'm looking at adding another Harley.

  10. Being the bank or being the customer, the numbers we put up on a daily basis are huge in layman's terms. The stress in our industry is overwhelming. The layman works 5 days a week. We work 4 1/2 because we can. We deserve it. Do not rip yourself off.
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