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  1. Greetings everyone.

    I figured I would start my very own thread about a discussion of Cinema and Film.
    This will be a mellow, relaxing little corner of ET were enthusiasts of film can grab a coffee and talk about everything related to both classical and contemporary films. Or just stop by the lounge after our hard day in the markets and see what’s up. If you are a friend of lilduckling, why not stop by to say hello?

    I have a modest collection of select films in all genres, albeit very little action films. I cant promise I will be able to post here on a regular basis…. But will promise some very interesting and exciting posts relating to films, the actors, directors, and the history of cinema thought out the decades. From Oscar winning masterpieces to obscure films.

    All the friendly people that stop by I will add to my buddy list.
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    I'm not big on going to see movies at a theater, too much time and hassle involved. The last time I went to see a movie in a theater was Brokeback Mountain. I gave a small review on it in the now nuked former movie thread, but it was very touching and I couldn't even get out of my seat for ten minutes after the movie was over.

    I have a small DVD collection. My last two purchases were a couple of weeks ago when I bought Boiler Room and Glengarry Glen Ross. One thing I didn't mention before about Glengarry was Jack Lemmon's performance in it - I wonder why it was never acclaimed? I guess because he was more of a comedy actor, but he was great in Glengarry. I've met washed out old salesmen before and I can tell you he nailed that part to a T.

    DVD's are so cheap now I might start making regular purchases. I've decided that one of my next purchases is going to be Philadelphia with Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks is probably the most over-rated actor in cinema, (and Forrest Gump the most overated movie!), but I still want to see it because I've heard such good things about it.
  3. Hey some great films you mentioned. I will clarify on the use of "theater", I guess it applies not just to movies that come out, but also all the older films that were released before the days of DVD or cassette tape. Of course they are available now in DVD or even Blue Ray. I'll give you a tip if you're gonna start getting DVDs, buy yourself a Blue Ray player, and watch the DVD movies through it.... instead of DVD player. There is a nice difference!! (Sony Blue ray player up-converts to 1080P!!!) Of course you will need a 1080P TV to see the difference.

    I havent see Brokeback Mountain yet, but hear only good things about it, will be looking to buy it soon. I know it is an exceptionally well made movie, so must add it to my collection.

    As far as Glengary GlennRoss, I own it, and cant say enough about it. 4 of the 6 actors were Oscar winners and the other 2 were Oscar nominees from other films. The most powerful acting anyone will ever see. Great lines.... great scenes..... its just incredible. All done with no special effects, no car chases or explosions, just people talking! I believe that the critics did recognize Jacks work in the film, he got alot of praise. The only other film that I can think of that he was as good.... (almost as good), is the 1960 Best Picture winner "The Apartment" a film I also own. Jacks performance in this picture is such that I can watch it over and over and not get tired of it. So good.

    I dont have Forrest Gump, kinda waiting for the right DVD to come out, but I like it alot. I like DVDs to be digitally mastered, dual layer, and have lots of extras.... like King Kong, Lord of the Rings etc.

    I have so many films in my head i could go on and on..... but I am also aware that alot of the films I like would bore most people to tears.... so will try not to do that.

    Thanks for your post!

    I hope this thread keeps going..... any thing related to film can be discussed here. I will be posting very interesting stuff in the future!
  4. I'll jump in here about Gump . . . .

    While Hanks was good in this film, it certainly did not merit the Best Picture award that it won. I saw it as a teen, and thought it was good, but as an adult, it's a bit cheesy, for lack of a better term. Much of it was obvious - heck, at 16, I knew that Robin Wright was going to die of AIDS. I saw that coming a mile away!

    Also, the other best picture nominees that year are so great, that it makes the choice of Gump look so political. Now, if you want a great popcorn flick, watch Gump. It's so watchable. But if I want cinema, I'll watch Pulp Fiction (another best picture nominee of '94).
  5. Glengary is one of my all time favorites. Just a bunch of great actors throwing down and basically telling the others, "Top that."

    I've never really liked Alec Baldwin, even when he started out on Knot's Landing, but his performance in Glengary was amazing. "Coffee is for closers." Worth the price of the movie just to see his scene.

    Don't even get me started on Kevin Spacey. Two words: Kaiser Swoze.
  6. One of my favorite scenes in moviedom is DeNiro and Pacino at the table across from each other in Heat. Pacino tells DeNiro, "we're just a couple of guys sittin here, but if I ever get the chance, brutha you're goin down". DeNiro, after throwing out a few flashes of profile with the corners of his mouth dipped after a dramatic pause responds, "there's a flip side to that coin".
    Timing is everything.
  7. Just my opinion, Robert Downey Jr. should have won for Chaplin instead they gave it to Pacino for Scent of a Woman.
  8. Some movies are entertaining for different reasons. I think what makes Forrest Gump good is how it tells a story. Very entertaining with very few dead spots. It also has one of the key ingredient that makes a good movie…. draws out different emotions through out the course of the film. If I sat down to watch a movie just for the sake of watching a story unfold, this would fit the bill. it’s a great film, but in a different way then say…. “Fargo” or “Annie Hall”. Every film has a uniqueness about it, that when it does win the Oscar, some will say “huh?” At least that’s how I see it.

    Pulp Fiction, another must have in anyone’s collection, I like this film, like it a lot. It tells a film noir style story in flash backs. (By the way, anyone who liked this film may also like “Memento” with Guy Pearce. It’s a thriller told completely backwards! The end of the story is the start of the film, and the beginning of the story the end of the film. Its Brilliant!! Will keep your eyes glued to the screen) John Travolta is not exactly my favorite actor… liked him best in “Saturday Night Fever”. Same for Jackson…. Been around a long time and in some of the biggest blockbusters….. But again not one of my favs…… Liked him in “Jackie Brown” … I think its why I don’t like Pulp Fiction more than I do.

    One of my fav kind of films are the “period” films…. I’m a sucker for period films……. A small few I love regardless of genre:

    Driving Miss Daisy
    The Last Picture Show
    Gangs of New York
    This Boys Life
    LA Confidential
    Slums of Beverly Hills
    O Brother Where Art Thou?
    American Graffiti

    Two period films I wanna mention here. They are both icons but in different ways. The first one, an almost Norman Rockwell type of film, has become a time honored holiday favorite, a great family movie…. “A Christmas Story” 1983. Its set in the 1940s Indiana. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. My family and I would always gather round by the TV during the holidays and watch the marathon…while nibbling on turkey leftovers …. it still comes on every year. Great memories. So much about the movie reminds me of my childhood. Its just takes you back to a time when things were so much simpler. Who can forget Ralphie in the bathroom trying to decode a message with his Annie Oakley Secret Decoder Ring… only to be disappointed with the message “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine” lol. (kinda reminds you some of the “secret market indicators” for sale by some vendors.

    The other period film is the exact opposite!! A nasty, horrendous film of teen debauchery and immoral behavior….. “Porky’s” 1982. Before there was “American Pie” and a host of other clones…. There was Porky’s. It set the stage for all other teen sex comedies to come. Although I don’t like these kind of movies, I did watch this one. Set in the 1950s, this film has a few moments but it lacked the quality to stay relative to chancing times for what it was presenting. To me A good film is good, regardless when it was made, some films do not stand the test of time. And this one is one of those that don’t. Shocking when it first came out for its full frontal nudity and dialog, it no longer has the same bite. The Situations in the film no longer make sense to someone watching it for the first time today.

    Anyways….. Why did I bring up these two period films that are exact opposites in taste?? Some of you already figured it out. Yes, they were both directed by the same person! Bob Clark. Who has since been killed last year in a car crash.

    Thanks again for your posts everyone!

  9. My fav DeNiro film... "Taxi Driver" and "the Deer Hunter" coming in socond.

    My fav Pacino film...... "Glengary Glen Ross"
  10. American Graffiti . . . one of my favorites. There really is so much in common there with Last Picture Show . . . a longing for the past, days gone by, knowing that life would never be the same. The worst part of it was that those days were only ten years before that film came out. I wonder whatever happened to the guy who made Graffiti . . . he certainly never made a film like that one again.

    I'm going to throw out Bottle Rocket as a great comedy. Again, the actor/writer never did anything as good as that again, but it's a little lost gem. I really can't stand the Wilsons, but that's an example of good comedy.
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