The Federal Reserve is Criminal Syndicate, a private Criminal Syndicate

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  1. China and Russia are going to be the next USA in every way. And you can thank the Fed cause it's all about how you print your money.

    Everyone prints money, but if you print it with interest attached payable to owners or private central bank, you have no future.

    The Federal Reserve is a criminal syndicate producing debt that the government eagerly takes for spending money and dumps the debt on us civilians. What perplexes me is that the scam is so simple and all the intellectuals either don’t get it or are handcuffed by mega-corporate media owners.

    The scam in simple terms:

    1. Uncle Sam borrows money from The Fed, China, oil exporters, Bank of England, etc. by selling Treasury bonds

    2. You are responsible for the bonds, i.e. IOUs
    3. Uncle Sam collects taxes and pays the bondholders
    4. The debt is breaking us; life will not be the same in the years to come
  2. What the nitwits that pass for US population don't get is.

    The US government does not have to borrow from FED US dollars if government takes it upon itself to print the money.

    If government prints too much, you get inflation and self destruction.
    But today you are getting both inflation and debt,

    In other words,
    You have no true leaders, no true patriots to lead you.
    If you only had a Putin like person in American CIA, instead of stooges and traitors
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    Just tell them to watch this video:

    The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Docu of 2010 v.1.09.11

    A little long, but anyone who is intelligent will watch it.
  4. thanks
    that's a pretty informative documentary

    So why isn't anyone doing something about it?
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    Commercial and Central Banks essentially steal value from currency holders, then lend it back to Governments (ie "WE, THE PEOPLE"), at interest. In effect, they steal our money, then loan it back to us, for the vig. It's a complete scam, but that's why (and how) Bankers rule the world. There is virtually zero at-risk capital on their side. Nearly every dollar they conjure is "stolen" via debasement from the wallets of the people who actually work in the real economy. Fiat fractional reserve banking is a scam and ought to be abolished. These guys are responsible for nearly every bubble and bust over the past 100 years. Add to that, modern banking is the largest skimming operation in history. A continual fleecing of the golden goose to subsidize opulence for a ruling banker caste. That's our society, in a nutshell. Ruled by parasites.
  6. Oh no, not again...
  7. "Oh no" as in I dispute the facts that Fed is a criminal syndicate


    "Oh no" I know this is true but because I am a scum, I will continue to defend them because I have no moral integrity whatsoever

    Which is it ?? :cool:
  8. "Oh no" as in "I can't believe you're back under a different username spouting the same nonsense".
  9. hey, but the sheeple beg to be screwed like this.
    and they want more.
    more credit, more interest, more suffering.

    elite are sadists, sheeple are masochists. orgasm on steroids.
  10. I don't know who you are but it doesn't surprise me you have problem with people here.

    How is it nonsense?

    Please elaborate, lets get a respectful discussion going.

    Facts: Fed is private
    Facts: Fed prints currency at interest.
    Facts: Fed lends USA dollars to USA
    Facts: Since Fed took over in 1913, dollar lost 93+% of value

    Ok your turn big fella :cool:
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