The federal government is attacking Texas

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    They're going to shut down oil production in west Texas over a 3-inch lizard.

    These are the same people who declared the Delta Smelt to be endangered and subsequently destroyed the agriculture industry in the San Joaquin Valley in California.

    W.Texas supplies 20% of domestic oil consumption.

    This amounts to another way to shutdown energy production in the United States. Reduce that nasty carbon footprint by eliminating agriculture and energy production.

    Yesterday the Feds threatened to shutdown commercial airline flights to/from Texas because there was state legislation declaring TSA groping a felony.

    Texas would make a fine little country. Maybe they should go in that direction.
  2. Decades of empowerment for women rights only to see it all evaporate by submitting women to body scanners and groping by the same gov't that gave them their rights.
  3. Who are these Hippie Idiots?!
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    One should think of these threatened individual species as one cut in "a thousand cuts" kind of way. Or perhaps the canary in a coal mine way. No, losing one type of lizard is not the end, but how do we stop our viral growth? How much damage do we get to do before we stop?

    Anyway, looking at Texas's economic data, it appears to be a "capitalist shithole", to paraphrase someone.
  5. The "obama doctrine" is all too plain. Lavish subsidies on unions, favored companies like GE and core democrat constituencies like illegal aliens, blacks and gays. Use the power of the federal government to attack those who oppose you or your allies, eg, Arizona, Texas, oil producers, Boeing.

    And don't worry about the law or Constitution because there are enough corrupt leftwing judges around to approve most of it.
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    Well summed up as usual.

  7. Obama deports more illegal aliens then Bush did

    Obama hasn't done shit specifically for blacks.Clinton did more for blacks .Bush did more for blacks in Africa and had more blacks in top positions then Obama

    Obama did drop dadt,but he hasn't given the gay community what they really want which is to marry
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    Agreed! Great post!

    Some day the People will finally take back the US, restore the Constitution, and help get this Country back to what our Founding Fathers meant it to be. Just depends on how much more the People can take, and the balls to get it done...
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    I'm wondering about his "lavish subsidies" for unions.
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    It's none of the federal governments business in the first place.
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