the fed will hate this report--bad news

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  1. Futures indications weaken in response to this morning's economic data, now suggesting an even lower start for stocks. A preliminary read on Q2 productivity just checked in at a lower than expected 1.8% (consensus 2.0%) while productivity figures over the last three years were revised lower. With high levels of resource utilization still a Fed focal point as having the potential to sustain inflation pressures, unit labor costs rose a higher than anticipated 2.1%, hardly sidelining wage-based inflation worries.

    wage inflation is on top of the feds list of worries and today it finally came home to roost. 2.1 vs 1.8. also productivity fell. the fed was shocked that productivity was'nt falling while wages were moving up. today it finally happened.
  2. You seem to have a good pulse on the Fed. You know when they're shocked, when they're surprised and what they never expected. Are you married to a Fed member? Are you Bernanke?

    Because if you're not, you're talking out of your arse, mate. Sorry.
  3. gee mate,that was an intelligent response! you're a real asset to thos board.
  4. You mean because I don't start threads unless there's an actual point or informational blurb that helps those who frequent the forum? Thanks!

    Try keeping your fascinating analysis in chit chat. Unless, of course, you're bringing something to the table that is:

    A. Inside information
    B. News (from a news source)
    C. An analytical theory

    Of course, if you have a source that states how the Fed was "shocked" about X or "upset" about Y, I'll happily withdraw my criticism.

    The first part of your post was fine - the news. The second, where you tell us how shocked the Fed was, is speculative at best.
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    fed couldnt care less about cost of living, but wage increases do scare the heck out of them
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    you've got some mental problems, bud
  7. Oddly enough, I was thinking the same about you! Stalking being one of them. Shall we limit our little "tiff" to one thread?
  8. yeah,we will only start thread if we have inside info. great friggin idea pal !
    the fed always said it was shocked or impled they were shocked that productivity did'nt falter and wages were basically tame with an upward bias. today however,the news is out that wages increased much more than expected and productivity did drop.
    you are right,this is ridiculous and an insignificant topic,why the hell did i bring it up!
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    back to your thread obsession, eh?
  10. LT701,
    this was directed to that other guy. not you.
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