The Fed will CUT RATES before the open, 9-19-08

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  1. If you are short, still short, or thinking about getting short, you are as good as dead.

    I have seen this movie before.

    There will be no time to act. They will come in and buy them up to at or near the top of the recent range, in a heartbeat, and anyone caught short will be pressed to cover, or bought-in.

    Good luck!
  2. If it were not an election year this could happen, but I doubt it.
  3. I heard FED is afraid of inflation and is going to raise interest tomorrow with 50 bp. Anyone long will get demolished tomorrow. I've seen this movie before.


  4. That is part and parcel of why it will occur, no one expects it.

    Also, the GOP is sucking wind, as they should be, and this Fed will dance to the tune of the GOP, and be political, for the sake of the current administration, (although they will obviously make a(nother bullshit) statement about this and that as their basis for cutting.

    Also, the statement released the other day will add to the conviction of those that they will not, as they clearly communicated they are not ready to cut.

    That makes it a perfect moment to cut, and effect a monumental move in the equity markets, in the virtual blink of an eye.

    Should be fun! I think they get their jollies doing this kind of stuff.

    And then, after the markets rally big, over the course of the next week or two, Bernanke will (once again) be a 'hero', and be praised to high-heaven as the savior of the planet, or some such nonsense.
  5. Why do you think they'll do it tomorrow? Do you think they look for ways to catch people off-guard? Those FOMC pranksters. Lmao. Looking to deliver a quick 1-2 punch with back-to-back measures?

    Isn't it possible that they might just wait and see the effects of what they've already done recently?
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    Fed funds vs 2 year are kinda twisting his arm. But no cut the other day so most likely no cut tomorrow
  7. Bernanke, what the fuck you waiting for? The Dow futures are only up 380, cut the fucking rate, you pussy!

    This thing should be up 7 fucking hundred! lol

    go get 'em now you fuckin short!
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    watch them cut???


    Good luck, believe me you DO NOT want rates going lower, the reason why we are in this situation today is because of historical low rates.....

    LET them keep lowering rates, it will do nothing but hurt the economy.
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    Wouldn't they have cut before the bonds open at 08.20est?
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    Yea, whats that all about the futures should be up 1000 not 400, sell the rally and move on, wait till it sells off to new 52 week lows to get back in.
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