The Fed lied to Congress

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by pcvix, Jan 21, 2010.

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    what will really boil your noodles is if you one day realize

    The FED has been lying since 1913

    LOL, get it, almost 100 years :cool:

    100 years of lies and still running strong, I am standing up and applauding

    seriously I am now going to stand up and applaud
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    You got to give them credit for their ability to create lies, fooling 3 generations of the world population is not an easy task. Yet they pulled it off. I'll bet that everyone that works at the FED have a SAT score of 1500 or above. How else can they screw over everybody down to the smallest details?
  4. You guys have it all wrong. The fed is protecting the american way of life. The 2008 meltdown was a financial war between the US and the Chinese, Russians, middle east country governments.

    Who do you think is pushing the Dems to oust Bernanke, and list all the secret fed trades? If it were know, you would see that it is all a confidence game. If confidence is lost in the fed, your american freedom will be gone. You will be bowing to Putin, Hu Jintao, or even worse, those towell heads in the middle east.

    Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it, with a much worse outcome than the current existing regime.
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    I'm no fan of the Fed but I think you are correct. We would be worse off without the Fed.

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    AAHah you are dumber than I thought

    You've never experienced life without the FED,

    you've never experienced life where money supply is in the hands of the people

    do you realize that the FED got US into 14 trillion debt

    do you realize that your precious FED is exactly what will collapse the US

    Do you realize China and Russia have no debt. (Russia has some debt so small not worth mentioning)


    bowing down to Putin without the FED ????

    In my life I've never read something so uninformed, something so raw and unrefined

    something so downright dumb that I honestly want to kill myself right now

    hey rickerocket, is that what you are trying to do, get me to kill myself :p

    its working man, its working :p
  7. Man, get off the ritalin.

    If the money was "in the hands of the people", you would have Barney Frank, Pelosi, Reid, Obama allocating who should get the next hand job. Seriously, If the US government got control of our banking system, it would be a scary world. Look at how they run the US military. Wars with no end.
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    first off that's funny, "get off the ritalin"

    second of all, The FED tells Obama what to do, prior to that Bush was told what to do

    FED finances wars, they call the shots

    I really mean it when I say you don't know much, but I also know its not really your fault

    you probably didn't grow up in intellectually rich environment