The Fed "Just Let The Cat Out Of The Bag", Admits Being Forced To Fuel Asset Bubble

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    • Alan Greenspan knew it to be the case.

    • Ben Bernanke had no problem with it. His strategy required it.

    • Jerome Powell, was probably initially not enamored about it but saw no way around it. It fell on ardent loyalists to take his insistence that it was “not QE” with any seriousness. Otherwise, they would have had to admit to knowing little about financial markets.

    So, "that's it"?

    We have no choice but to keep inflating the bubble until it bursts and the whole damned thing come crumbling down and bankrupts nearly everybody??

    (Hope everybody's been paying attention to Venezuela so that they are "prepared" for what happens when the buying power of your money gets destroyed.)

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    Well now maybe the FED apologists like Piezoe and his the lefty trolls (who don't realize that as lefty establishment shills they are really working for the bankers) will allow themselves to accept the Fact the FED has been creating trillions and its being done to drive down the demand for the dollar and keep interest rates down. (in other words... the destruction of the value of the dollar... also known as systematic and systemic inflation.)

    Systemic inflation and progessive individual income taxes is theft of the value you create.
  2. been hearing this same sky is falling for years......
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    Tsing Tao

    I wonder if even Piezoe justifies this sheer lunacy or if he has just been so focused on his daily TDS management that he's forgotten to comment on this. I wonder if he'd defend it. Piezoe? Are you around?

    If you're a liberal, you have to be careful with this issue. On one hand, you are a supporter of the Fed and money printing. On the other, supporting this institution and its actions are a good deal of what keeps Trump popular with Wall Street and helps get him re-elected. So what do you choose? Your hatred for Trump or your underlying narrative?
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    Its the not about the sky is falling.
    Its about being surfs to the men who create money at will.

    look how this works... in part...

    College - big loans and high variable prices created to soak up excess cash from upper middle class families.

    Overpriced houses in good school districts - Mortgage loans designed to soak up extra cash. Without loans prices would be much lower.

    Good trading and investing... big taxes to make your long term success challenging and soak up capital.

    Your labor and savings - personal income taxes plus 200 other taxes and inflation.

    So why is that not fair? its life right?

    Well... it would be if, our elected govt were creating the cash and spending it... we could assume the benefits of the inflation and spending inured to the benefit of the citizens.

    but... when a few men get to create the trillions of dollars... create inflation .. and spend it as they see fit...

    We have the illusion of a free republic but we are really surfs... indentured by loans, taxes and inflation to the few men who create the currency.

    It takes a 120 or more IQ to think in systems.
    It requires thought to think through this system and understand what happens when you have private money creation and progressive taxes... in the long run.

    But, if you put in the time to work this amazing system out... you will see the modern day kings (even if we don't know their names) and you will see their court are the ones who are closest to the cash creation spigot.

    (Michael Moore identified a few of the kings and a few of the court in his movie about Bush.)

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