The FED is terrorizing the world with quantitative easing

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  1. ‘Terrorizing’ the World

    U.S. policy makers will restart a program of securities purchases to spur growth, reduce unemployment and increase inflation, said 53 of 56 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News last week. Twenty-nine estimated the Fed will pledge to buy $500 billion or more.

    In an earlier speech at a forum run by Bank of America- Merrill Lynch, Mundell, 78, said the Fed’s quantitative easing was “terrorizing” the world economy. He said in the interview that the policy would impose a tax on nations around the globe by reducing the value of the dollars held by governments.

    We shall never forget the FED "financial terrorists"
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    you mean china is terrorizing the world manipulating their currency
  3. Isn't the yuan pegged to the $USD? Is that manipulation? Don't some other countries do the same?
  4. Just another episode in the saga of "Government and Fed SCREWING WITH THE MONEY"... as "things" get out of control and inflation/currency debasement start to go parabolic.

    QE-ing won't get the desired results... just bankrupt America quicker.

    Bernanke's academic "experiment"... coupled with Odumba's Communist agenda and monster deficits will have America down the shitter in no-time. :mad:
  5. Nope. We're the worst villians in this currency war mess. Don't beleive the hype or populist nonsense.
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    How long, do you think?
  7. Correctamundo!

    It would be more "fair" if China would allow the yuan to float rather than to be pegged to the $USD. But China is in the catbird seat. Why would they voluntarily give up such an advantage? After all, any "fault" in the interplay with the US is not China's doing... it's the US which is hosing things up... and pissn' & moanin' because China isn't "letting us get away with it" fully. And why should they? We owe them what, $1.2T?

    America is in our current mess because of OUR OWN FUCKUPS AND GREEDY POLICIES! You don't hear any US politicos telling THAT story.