The Fed is taking HUGE risks with America's Future

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  1. With Quant easing and assuming all the bad mortgages in the U.S. via Fannie, Freddie, and Lehman.
  2. gigantic risks. everyone should be scared shitless. one policy error away from argentina or some other nightmare.
  3. What we should feel is irrelevant. Market is finding it all bullish! Up and away...
  4. Stefo


    damn you are dumb and short term kind of person

    who cares that your kids will stand in government bread lines

    I find it really hard to believe that you can even hold a job somewhere.
  5. Yes. Look at gold and the miners spiking.

    I guess investors are pretty sure about economic recovery and people going out buying jewelry again.
  6. LOL!


    These aren't risks. They are designed steps to complete the transformation of USA into a banana republic. And the Argentina situation is imminent.
  7. Well done on reading sarcasm, c-kid.
  8. I believe he's being facetious...

  9. They create money of of thin air, they charge the goverment interest. They goverment gets you and I to pay that interest via income taxs.

    The fed has zero risk, you and I carry all the risk.
  10. c-kid? Facetious? I don't think you know him very well :)
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