The Fed Is Out Of Bullets

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    "The US has run out of bullets. More QE is not going to make any difference," said Nouriel Roubini, our Dr Gloom.

    "I really don't think there is a lot the Fed can do," said Harvard's Martin Feldstein.

    "The benefits of additional QE are quite small," said Stanford's John Taylor, of the Taylor rule.

    The Fed has an arsenal of neutron bombs if it wants to use them, and uses them correctly. It can engage in "monetary policy a l'outrance" as Maynard Keynes propsed in his Treatise on Money in 1930, before he lost his way with the General Theory.
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    tIME for world War 3...
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    I'm afraid something along those lines will be here soon enough.
  4. If you think the fed is out of bullets I have a good deal on a bridge you'll be interested in.
  5. back into "good times?" what's the rush? how do you define "good times" ?
  6. I just read an article that mentioned this. It was a little bit on the "conspiracy theory" side of the fence, but interesting nonetheless. The article said war had always been an option for the elites when nothing else worked (money printing, confiscatory taxation, etc.) , but once nukes arrived, war seems to be off the table--at least the world war type.
  7. The only possible option seems to be QE. Ask the Japanese how well that has worked for the last 20 years...
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    Damn well, not for equity (buy and hold) trading, but overall main street marketplace is very vibrant. Politicians actually are accountable. And Gold traders made out like bandits. :)

    The flip side of the coin, the gullible type got so screwed its beyond hope, unfortunately this is a chunk of the population. :(
  9. They are totally out of bullets!!!

    THEIR gun is smoking out the barrel and america is lying near dead in the back alley.......THEY emptied their clip right into our backs with a SMILE on their corrupt criminal syndicate face! :eek:
  10. I suppose the "bullets" that he is referring to are continuing to pump asset prices higher in the "Asset Reflation v2.0". We've seen this garbage before, and the typical retort is always "why is the Dow at xyz if the economy sucks?". It's the ultimate coward argument, but it can be effective since very few people have the confidence to ever delve into "conspiracies".

    You know, the simple minded twats like Krazykarl who see the world with their heads firmly deposited up their arseholes.
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