"The Fed is going to do whatever

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  1. Todd Horwitz, chief strategist at the Adam Mesh Trading Group in New York. "The Fed is going to do whatever it takes to support this market. They don't care what it is."


    For those of you who think and believe you are trading a free market. LOL.

    The volume is slowly dwendling....and soon, the FED will cause one of the longest Sideway Movements in Market History.

    HFT's will be your only blessing.....

    This is more than Criminal, is insain. Destruction of Wallstreet is the end game...IHMO
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    The FED IS Father.
    The FED IS Mother.
    The FED hath Giveth and the FED hath taketh away.

    Let the name of the FED be blessed th

    God, I love to rant!
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    it was only a few years ago,,people used to laugh at the idea of a PPT or direct involvement of the US gov't in the markets. like having an account with goldman sachs etc.

    that is a communist as you can get. gov't settting prices price fixing etc. now with tarriffs etc it's anti-free market capitalism etc.

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    this is all part of the obama agenda
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    Thats been my point for the last few years, there isn't a free market, they intervene in every fucking point tenth of a drop in GDP just to prop it back up and will do anything they can to keep the economy from going into the smallest recession possible.
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    billionaire and millionaires at wall street don't need gov't support okay.

  7. That's correct. They don't need government support. They run the government.
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    When the dollar collapses then what happens? Fedrel reserve notes will be worth more as a fire starter than for trade. Just a matter of when. Average life of a fiat currency not backed by anything is 40 years. Our leaders do not take the lessons from history very seriously.
  9. Then the balkanization of the United States of America will occur.
  10. It doesn't always work, though. Remember August-October 2007? The Fed started their last rate cut series, and indicated they'd do "whatever it took." Initially stocks went up, but started their crash just after hitting a nominal new high. However, gold/oil rallies and Dollar shorting continued for awhile longer, and gold held up better than anything during the '08 crash.

    Boosting gold and killing the Dollar is all they can guarantee (unless they confiscate gold a la FDR, but I don't even want to think about that right now).
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