The Fed invented the "currency war" BS to make believe deflation won't continue?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by crgarcia, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. There's no currency war at all.
    And there won't be inflation in the near/intermediate future.

    Deflation will continue, there's no way around it.
  2. If they did invent it it is to cover up the need to print money off to pay off debt.

    The comment you make is self defeating. The reason they will have a currency war is to increase demand - If they print money off it will devalue the currency making it more appealing for outside demand closing the deflationary gap.
  3. I love that expression "Currency War" If we win the war,that means we inflated faster than all the other countries and our dollar is worth ALOT less and lots of jobs will be lost.

    If we lose the currency war, then our dollar is worth alot more and lots of jobs will be lost.

    So someone tell me why we are fighting a "war" that can not be won?
  4. Agreed.
  5. There's not much money being printed.
    At least not compared to what it was some years before 2008.
    Look at the M3 chart:

    America is not inflating at all, again look at the M3 chart.
  6. Garcia is right...

    I have to look morning noon and night until I see John Hussman's article on a liquidity trap today

    which is the real deal on the real economy and goes far beyond the Currency war propaganda. Meanwhile back at CNBC central, the dollar is going to zero and they are using dollar bills for Christmas wrapping paper.

    The only war is the war for your wallet.
  7. I love when the media uses the term "war". The "war on terror", the new "currency war", the "trade wars". This term is used to polarize an issue. That way political institutions can implement extreme policies. You're either on the right side of the war, or, you're the enemy. So, there can be no gray areas, or, in my view, the correct actions. The only actions taken in a war, are actions designed to enhance selfish interests of the organization in power.
  8. Bob111


    which side is the right one in this war? :p
    i guess all those gold scrooge's pretty soon will be declared as a domestic terrorizers
  9. The only right side will be printing money to generate jobs via Keynesianism.

    Only Keynesianism can generate jobs when the private enterprise can't.