The fed has lost control in the US

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Aaron Copland, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. International money is hitting the exits, this fed is out of control. They look like amatures.
  2. Its amateurs ....not amatures.....

    Isnt it ironic....Dontcha think?
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    WRONG. Feds are in control, they always have been, once these guys start cutting rates they dont stop. Investors will come back to market when SPX makes a move above 1400 and turns bullish..
  4. The Fed seemed efficient and in charge by quickly defusing the BSC situation, but then they cut rates????
    What the F they were thinking???
    You dont defuse a panic by further crashing the dollar... Asia really really doesnt like a weak dollar so this bloodbath is entirely the Fed's fault.
    Amazing ineptitude.
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    worth watching...

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  8. Your a legend in your own mind. You call your persoanl account a "hedgefund"??? If you had a real hedgefund, you'd allready have made the hedgefund implode-o-meter website based on your rants.
  9. Two problems with your thinking:

    1. US can print it. Other countries cannot.
    2. If dollar goes to zero, the minuses and pluses all converge to one fat number. It is called the fat ZERO.