The Fed did it, calm returning to the market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Kin2, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Looks like we're gonna stablize around 11,650, and global indicies are already back into the green. Black Tuesday has been averted due to quick action by the Fed. Time to go long!
  2. not so fast dude
  3. Markets seem headed up this morning but 5 percent is alot of ground to cover.
  4. like giving Heroin to an addict!
  5. KrispyKreme,

    Good handle, KKD is a story that makes my eyes glaze over.
  6. pretty much
  7. Go long for what reason? The Fed just showed their hand. We are screwed from here if we don't see green today.
  8. Nahh, I think there is some real bargains out there. Especially foreign money since the dollar now is so weak.
  9. IMHO the bargains are in asia, not here.
  10. Will you look at that... SPX narrowing its losses
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