The Fed bought nearly half of LAST WEEK'S 7 year Treasury Issuance

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  1. Can't wait for the 30 year Treasury bond auction coming up. :cool:
  2. I can't wait for the Fed audit :eek: :confused:
  3. greddy


    World Currency, here we come.

    More power to the central banks around
    the world. Let us all unite and live like
    in "1984".

    That is the scenario we will have if we don't
    trash the Fed soon.
  4. FED have already bought $237B and plan to buy another $300B.

    NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--The Federal Reserve Bank of New York announced Wednesday its latest round of Treasury debt purchases.

    The securities are being bought as part of a program to stimulate economic growth by helping to keep longer-term borrowing costs down. The Fed has pledged to buy as much as $300 billion in Treasurys by autumn. It has already purchased about $237 billion in Treasurys.

    The Fed said that it would buy Treasurys in the maturity range of May 15, 2012, to Nov. 30, 2013, on Monday, Aug. 10.

    It also will buy the date range of Aug. 15, 2026, to May 15, 2039, on Aug. 11; Dec. 31, 2013, to April 30, 2016, on Aug. 17; and Feb. 15, 2020, to Feb. 15, 2026, on Aug. 19.

    -By Deborah Lynn Blumberg, Dow Jones Newswires, 212-416-2206;
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    cuz I'm sure that maturity date in 2030 will be something :D
  6. I wish I could print money to buy stuff too.:D
  7. dtan1e


    why doesn't anyone stop them, imagine someone borrows a huge sum from you [through treasury bills and bonds] and decides to print to pay you back [quantitative easing] and you [all the ones that purchased treasuries] just take it lying down?
  8. achilles28


    Ron Paul suspects the FED loans money to foreign Governments to buy US treasury debt.

    Monetization is the only alternative when annual deficits are >1 Trillion and bailout packages are several multiples of that!

    Given the FED and other Central Banks are making strong overtures for a coordinated devaluation of all currencies, led by the US dollar (to reflate the junk), America is pretty much toast.

    When the dollar goes, it'll make Argentina look like a picnic.
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    was wondering what if the Fed buys up every assets in the world and everyone else ends up holding worthless dollars?
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