The Fauci Emails

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    And for the real tin foil hat wearers...

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    Tsing Tao

    There's just so much out there going after Fauci. I can't keep up with it!
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    Yeah... go enjoy re-posting all your nonsense from conspiracy nuts on Twitter.
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  4. Why do I have a strong feeling you will some how manage?
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    Tsing Tao

    tRusT sOcIaL MedIa!!

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  8. Will Fauci be going to jail like Hillary and all the other GOP targets for some criminal mastermind...

    some of the features potentially...

    have to look much more closely..

    should have results a year ago....

    those opinions could still change...

    So basically there was a suspicion that was never proven even though they said they were going to look into it in more detail and should have an answer in March 2020...

    Everybody likes to post and get all moist without any real facts or certainty.. That email says nothing certain and even says their initial opinion could change within a few days of looking into it..

    A year later and still nothing definitive..I guess Trump administration dropped the ball on that one.
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  10. That first sentence is what everyone has been saying since the beginning....
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