The Fauci Emails

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    anyone who was is not a brainwashed drone... saw the patterns and figured that there was a good chance of this over a year ago.

    Any honest person saw that Fauci was a massive liar... early on.

    We should shut down for a short time to shift the curve
    Then once shut down... we cant open till the virus is gone (paraphrase)
    Mask don't work do work.
    We can open with caution.
    We should have locked down harder.
    Asymptomatic spread bullshit
    Outdoor spread bullshit...
    2 masks...
    Fear... and bullshit is what they were spreading from the beginning instead of
    data... facts and the science derived from the data.
    never in the history of the world did we shut down the healthy like this.

    it was unprecedented fascism... and half the country... enjoyed being
    reamed like that.

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    very disputable actually.

    Did we though? Maybe Trump should've kept our team over there instead of relying on a heavily Chinese funded NGO
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  7. "The rush to find a conspiracy"

    Nope , the opposite has been more truthy. It has been over a year and half and we are just begging to get some traction in regard to looking at the lab leak theory. Because there was an immediate rush to NOT LOOK at it.

    I even saw some reports last week on fox and on the lefty networks alleging that there were or could have been bats at the Wuhan Lab and they showed pictures of rat labs purportedly from there. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Bat Lady worked at Yuhan. I did not even know that it was in doubt that she could have been working with bats. Why the fuck you think they call her The Bat Lady?

    Sheesh, it's like we are started from scratch just because some people had no interest in seeing it discussed in the light of day before. I mean there is still room for lead versus non-leak and all of that but is we are just starting to acknowledge that there were bats at Wuhan and the Bat Lady and her associates were making regular visits to distant caves to bring them back then that is pathetic. They were doing all that openly, and on the record, and with plenty of documentation before the pandemic because they had no need to hide it. Then suddenly nobody knew nuttin about nuttin after the outbreak, even in regard to normal operations there.
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    So only screwballs are honest. You continue to amaze with your pronouncements.
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