The Fauci Emails

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  1. Right now nothing jumps out at me given where the markets have all gone too..... all my oil stocks are up a lot and more room to go but would not be a buyer of new position now. I dont know where we are headed to be honest since market is not floating up on air but economy is not even fully open so there is always more room.

    Just watching and waiting...
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    Thank you Merkel for your continued assimilation of Muslim immigrants and refugees.

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    You do realize this couple immigrated to Germany long before Merkel was in office or the re-unification even happened.

    Sahin migrated to Germany with his parents in the 1960s when he was 4. He grew up in Germany and got his doctorate on immunotherapy from the University of Cologne in Germany

    Tureci, the chief medical officer of BioNTech, was born a second-generation Turkish German and comes from a family of physicians. In 2008, she and her husband founded BioNTech with Austrian oncologist, Christoph Huber.
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    fouch 98.jpg
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    covid-19 865 shots.jpg
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    Which is a fact all the the manufacturers have been stating for months.

    The long term intent is to create a universal, permanent COVID vaccine. Research is being done on this at Duke University and other places. But a permanent, universal COVID vaccine is still several years away -- it was hoped that it would be sooner but this is not to be. In the meantime we will be getting yearly boosters that target new variants and boost our antibody levels.
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    Have you ever been in a meeting and there is always one guy, usually a relative of the owner, who is simple and silly, who so stuck in boundaries of ideology / intelligence that everyone rolls their eyes when ever he presents ideas
    Someone whose philosophy is composed of parts heard from media but who cant form them into a deep thought and is totality reactive
    This is Here4money
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    You do realize I said "continued assimilation", as in "continuation of preexisting policies"? As in "the policies you're continuing will render new crops of immigrant doctors making great things as vaccines for devastating world wide pandemics"?
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    We invited H4M to our buy-siders chat full of RICH! ppl bc he's simply awesome, even though he has no buy or sell-side experience. And uh, ur not invited. Ha ha.
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