The Fauci Emails

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  1. No. You tried and failed to make the case that the warp speed development of the vaccine is just a normal extension of what the bureaucrats do. It isnt. ALL of the leading "experts" especially and including Fauci stated that in the past it has taken YEARS longer for this type of thing and they all projected a longer time frame.

    Now you come along with this "well, shit, they do that type of thing every day, that's what they do" type of attitude. I guess people like Fauci did not know that.

    Joe Biden- Distributing Trump vaccines, one day at a time.
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  2. vanzandt


    So can we add "Obama's Bin Laden" to that list?
    FDR's Normandy?
    Covid was war. Americans were dying.
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  3. Ricter


    Trump just threw paper towels at the pandemic.
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  4. Did Obama kill Bin Laden or the CIA/Navy Seals working for years track him down and kill him (See Zero Dark Thirty).... If Obama left office in the middle of the operation to find him would the operation come to a halt because Obama was the one controlling and managing it? Nope...

    FDR took great leadership during a world war after we were attacked but did FDR defeat Rommel in North Africa or was it Patton...
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    Truman famously said... "The buck stops here".
    Should that not apply to good things also?
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    Btw Ocho... those October $8 calls on our Cemex.... $1.10
    Buy some.
    It's consolidating here and setting up a nice base.
    No matter what happens with the infrastructure debate, the states will get their highway funding. That's a given.
    Lots of M&A action going on in the sector too.
    I think those calls are a steal.
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    Montgomery gets most of the credit for North Africa though what he mostly did was what he always did... delay action until he was massively resupplied to the detriment of other theaters.
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    He sucked.
    Market Garden was a disaster.
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  9. Once I sold I did not want to look back because I was afraid I woul dsee it at $12 haha
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    Yeah. We had decent timing. Didn't top tick it but whatever.
    I do like those calls though. And I like the recent moves by VMC and MLM.
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