The Fat Lady sings on the financials GS and MS both going under

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  1. Thats it. Both are broken stocks like Yahoo back in 2001. Who knows how low they will go or if they will continue to operate as a going concern.

    I see MS as the next askjeeves.
  2. Are you the next PeeWee Herman?
  3. S2007S


    IF something goes wrong at GS you will see an easy 25-35% decline in the financials within days. Maybe even more. Im surprised to see them holding up this well with GS showing extremely weak signs.
  4. I know most here are "price-only" guys (and gals), but does anyone believe the anemic market volume today and recently?

    Nothing major is going to happen until we see some conviction on the part of buyers or sellers.

  5. You are all amateurs.

    GS will trade so much higher. Easy double now. $200 is on the horizon. Smart money moving in to buy GS. What are you waiting for?
  6. So you are back are you stocktud3r!!!! Couldnt stay away like you said you would
  7. I do not doubt that Goldman has the greatest minds, the best balance sheet and arguably is the best investment bank out there.

    However, the same argument could have been made for the Titanic where it seemed like the best ship out there.

    Not even the greatest of minds can stop the worst disasters. It happens and Goldman will be eventually bought by JP for 2 bucks.

    So long Paulson.
  8. MS and GS breaking down further. MS going out of business in a matter of weeks.
  9. Sell, sell, sell!
    For pennies if needed!

    (So we may buy dirt cheap)
  10. Morgan will announce bankruptcy. I can see it. The next lehman.
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