The Fast Food Killers

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  1. McDonald's CEO Dead, COO Takes Helm
    Mon Apr 19, 2004 11:19 AM ET
    By Deborah Cohen

    CHICAGO (Reuters) - McDonald's Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive Jim Cantalupo died of an apparent heart attack on Monday in Florida and the company named Chief Operating Officer Charlie Bell to replace him as CEO.

  2. Yeah, I always get a laugh when someone dies from a heart-attack, too -- you're sick, seek help!
  3. Gee A, I guess I'm the Lorax and you're the lumber jack.

    Gee A, this is my second thread in which you've been the first to respond and with criticism.

    You must hate me. Maybe you'll try to stuff me full of fries, C grade beef, and corn syrup drink.

  4. outlaw fast food and axie would perish heh :D