The Far Right & Far Left Will Either Adapt Or Go Extinct: New Generation

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  1. Obama is a true centrist, who acts and governs from a distinct and definite logical core.

    What a surprise.

    It's not so surprising to those of us who actually listened to and researched the man's background, and decided that his actions proved the substance of what he said on the campaign trail.

    It's so pathetic to see the far right wing-nuts reduced to revealing their truly insecure inner selves.


    At least the GOP still has credibility with stalwarts such as Lugar, Lindsey Graham and John McCain (despite McCain's tactical error of picking Failin' as his VP choice to appease the right wing crazies).

    If you will all notice, Limbaugh and that grand, delusional one, Bill 'Luffa' O'Reilly, are already being ignored/marginalized by GOP members who still want to try and preserve a future.

    Faux News will either become much more radicalized or much more rational (there's a thought) in the coming year or so, as the realization does or doesn't sink in that there's a new generation in charge, and the leaders they prefer tend to govern from a logical core, and not a pre-stamped and pre-packaged brand.

    A great example of the new leaders include Obama, as well as a one Mrs. Kirsten Gillibrand, a gun-toting (perfect A+ record from the NRA), tax-hating, Democrat from upstate New York, who just crushed a 4 term year incumbent GOP congressman in a clearly GOP leaning district.

    I quote:

    " Ms. Gillibrand (pronounced JILL-uh-brand), a 42-year-old lawyer and mother of two young children, had never held political office before defeating a four-term incumbent in a vastly Republican district in 2006. Her district extends from the flatlands of the Hudson Valley to the mountainous North Country.

    She comes from a politically connected family; her father is a prominent state lobbyist who once had close ties to former Gov. George E. Pataki, a Republican, and her grandmother was prominent in the formidable Albany Democratic machine. Ms. Gillibrand worked as an intern for a Republican senator, Alfonse M. D’Amato, and clerked for a federal judge appointed by President Ronald Reagan.

    Her politics, perhaps reflecting her conservative district, cannot be easily charted along a left-right axis. She earned a high rating from the National Rifle Association and opposed efforts to extend state drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants. At the same time, she favors abortion rights, voted to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq and to extend middle-class tax cuts, and she has opposed privatizing Social Security. She raises large sums of money from Wall Street, but voted against the first bailout bill last fall; that vote angered some Democratic leaders in Congress."

    So I say, get busy with the new style politics, or go extinct. There really is an axis shift, and the ground has undergone a paradigm change, and a new generation of Americans are looking to a core ingredient in political and business leaders now above all else: logic. The could care less about labels or party affiliations, brands or imaging.

    If William F. Buckley were still alive and kickin' it, I feel confident he'd be telling all the salvageable parts of the Republican Party the same thing. I sure as hell know he'd be telling the far left loonies what I am.

    The far right and far left will be left out in the future.

    Bank it.

    One last point: How incredibly refreshing to have a highly cerebral and intelligent person occupying the most powerful office in the world, especially after the 8 year train wreck we just lived through; a study in absolute contrasts.
  2. Fox news will flourish with the nationlization of major industries.

    Also Fox news will continue to improve it's ratings if the rest of the media decides never to actually question Obama's policies.

    The stimulus package won't work and which network will be the one questioning the package in the first place? Fox news.
  3. Holy shit, Obama has been in office for a few days and moonbats like buyhiselllo are already annointing him for sainthood, saying he's a centrist, and talking about a paradigm change in politics.

    This bailout is soooo "centrist."

    Closing Gitmo is soooo "centrist."

    Reversing the abortion funding policy is sooo "centrist."

    With this logic, it's clear that the OP is obviously soooo "smart."

    Good grief, it'd be funny if it weren't so typical of the moonbat hysteria over The Chosen One. When does Trinity show up?
  4. jajajajajajajajajjaja good one!
  5. "The far right and far left will be left out in the future.

    Bank it."

    A more naive comment I've yet to read, I'd say idioctic but
    I give him the benefit of the doubt, he could under 15 years old.

    The OP probably considers GW as far-right, using evidence such
    as that he believes in God and didn't support the industrialization and commercialization of human embryos. Or he invaded Iraq
    with the support of virtually all of the Democrat leadership.
    Or "waterboarding", wiretapping or the other left blather
    repeated over and over again for recent years.. (wiretapping was deemed not unconstitutional recently, by he way)

    Bank on this, the country will quickly grow weary of the left's
    leadership, we always do. Just look at Obama's first moves,
    they are trivial, he'll quickly become irrelevant has he, reid and
    peolisi try to figure out whose dick is bigger.