The falling dollar and oil prices

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  1. There was a nice op ed piece in todays LA Times about why oil is so much more expensive in the US vs the Euro Zone. We're paying more for oil, not because of the evil oil execs and a grand conspiracy, but because the dollar has been sinking in international markets. The cost in euros over the past few years is up only a few percent while in dollars, its up over 50%.

    There is so much hoopla and mis information in the press about gas prices and oil. It makes nice copy to say, "highest prices ever", yet they never tell you, that's not adjusted for inflation.

    Also, its much too complicated to discuss the falling dollars impact on oil prices. Let alone discuss the ramifications if OPEC started to price their oil in Euros.
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    people don't seem to want to believe that. those who like the current administration need to find a way to blame somebody else, and those that don't like the administration seem to be far more interested in creating whacky conspiracy theories.

    that leaves the writer, you, and me, lol.