The fall of USD - be informed!

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  1. I read those documents on american terrorist organizations. I pretty much agree with it. Most of those nuts are back woods people that still cling to the civil war, north versus south mentality. They want to be in an all white society that is pretty much lawless in anarchy.
  2. That is an excuse. You refuse to look at the truth and agree that actions of Your government are more and more dangerous to Your freedoms.

    After what this government done to You,

    many Americans still refuse to admit, that something is really deeply NOT RIGHT in this great country. This kind of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" conformism often lead (e.g. Germany 1933-1945) to catastrophies and will probably lead to a catastrophy this time.... unless a nationwide force movement of REAL PATRIOTS and OPEN-MINDED Americans independent from government breaks out of control and disposes Wall Street elites of its power . Prepare for a real war for freedom soon... You need new "civil war" if want to stay/become free!

    People like RiceRocket will stay aside this battle, divided by massmedia propaganda, separated from people who deserve the name of real human entities. They will be reasonably safe in their homes, while police state will take place. Animals in a cage.

    This "north versus south mentality"separation is somethingwhich happens in Your mind RiceRocket - You separate "THEM-NUTS-TERRORISTS" from YOU-AND-ONES-ALIKE-NORMAL-CITIZENS". And this is the really dangerous separation induced by mass-media,by the gov.

    Ron Paul is not pro- "all white society", but his "followers" are beeing considered terrorists now.

    WAKE UP!
  3. Go away.

    You have no right to tell me anything about my goverment. You deal with your government, I'll deal with mine.

  4. You will not. Because You are afraid!
  5. Like I said ... and obviously not an Obama fan.

  6. I have a right and duty to inform people about most important things in the world.

    You don't understand? You will. The first time, when they cut-off the free internet (in fact they are already censoring it). The next time, when they declare police state. If You try to "deal"with it, You will quickly resign, after beeing tazed by a policeman or pain-ray gunned on the street for taking part in a demonstration.

    It already started. OPEN YOUR EYES.
  7. No you're just another internet wanker screaming that the sky is falling
  8. What people ?

    People from another country ?

    What right ?

    The right to influence people of another country ?

    As I said ... I'll deal with my government, you deal with yours.

    Keep out of my business.

    Screw it ... I'll deal with your government.
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