The Fall of the Republic

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tigerjaw, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Open minded people - - - at least give yourself 10 minutes or so watching the following, before making up your mind to stop. Undoubtedly some will jump in and try to refute or mock it, but what are they afraid of you seeing ? Can you step out of the 'right' vs 'left' illusion, at least for a little while ? Ask yourself, "Is what is being said make sense ? Does it ring true to me ?" Believe nothing, check out the statements made in the film for yourself. Given these times, is something potentally able to help you view the big picture worth a little bit of your time & attention ? - - Regards, - -
  2. bumped up so others will have a chance to look this over & critically evaluate it for themselves (warning: some of it seems way out there - - then again who would have guessed that events would occur the way they have 3 years ago ?)
  3. Last bump from me, so maybe a few more people will get to see this. A few people seeing it and then passing it on to others who do the same, may make some small difference. - - -