The fall of the House of France

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    This what's written in wiki english : "The Louvre Palace (Palais du Louvre) which houses the museum was begun as a fortress by Philip II (Philiipe II) in the 12th century, with remnants of this building still visible in the crypt.[6] Whether this was the first building on that spot is not known, but it is possible that Philip modified an existing tower.[7] Although some believe that the word 'louvre' may refer to the structure's status as the largest in late 12th century Paris (from the French L'Œuvre, masterpiece) — or to its location in a forest (from the French rouvre, oak) — one finds in the authoritative Larousse that it derives from an association with wolf hunting den (via Latin: lupus, lower Empire: lupara).[7][8]"

    However in the French version they say that the Original castle was a square of 70-80 m of side :D

    Where I want to come is to expose the arrogance of what they did to this House :


    They had to put their own symbol in the middle of it. It all started in Egypt... They perpetuated for centuries and old lie... Just to keep the privilege they had under the rule of the Pharaons...

    A few thousand year later when the soldiers of the Empire entered in what was once a great nation they had only one though : When I am going to go back home :D