The Facebook psychology experiment

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  1. After FB found a base today at 33, I bought 100 for fun at 34.04 on the pullback. See attached for time and price. My blotter says my average price is 3.61 because of FIFO, but I consider it to be 34.04, since the other trades were intended to be quick scalps.

    But here is the experiment: I am going to pretend I am short, and look for a profit of just over a dollar, or, just under 33. But at the same time, I am going to do what your average dentist will do, and hang on for dear life until it gets there, regardless of the drawdown.

    Hopefully for me, although improbable, the dentist's profit target and my stop loss never come into play, and it just goes up to the point of the dentist getting slaughtered. But the way this thing is trading, it may go below 33 yet today.

    The nice thing is that it is just an experiment/game with 100 shares, so my risk is the stop loss + slippage (which will be huge below 33, so I may have to rethink that) + comm = insignificant.
  2. Dentist is out of FB
    He got scared by the bad press over the weekend

    FB is going higher
  3. As this chart confirms:
  4. We'll see. The dentist may win this one, but I'm following through with the original gameplan.
  5. Dentist - 1

    Badger - 0

    Out at 32.82
  6. Bison42


    You may be able to trade FB while it is still new. Longterm this stock is going down.
  7. nx109


    While it is still new, but especially when options and structured products pick up. I'd short it down to 30 right now, or wait for at least one week for a resistance to show up.

  8. down like the titanic or down like BIDU?
  9. ocean5


    phais buk govnishe!
  10. never trade for fun and giggles with real $........:D


    good short volume in at 31.50

    a lower gap opening would be good to keep it heading to zero.

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