The face of the Devil

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    If you're a parent question everyone. If they don't like it, tell them to F$%^ off.

    NO ONE is looking out for your interests besides you. More proof of incompetence and sloth at the highest levels.

    Accused Pediatrician's Sister Sent Letter In 2004
    DOVER, Del. (AP) ― The sister of a Delaware pediatrician accused of raping patients says she sent a letter to the state medical society relaying others' concerns about the doctor five years before he was charged.

    A society official says the letter did not mention "improper touching" or anything deemed reportable to state officials. The Attorney General's office is looking into what was known at the time and whether anyone failed to report unprofessional conduct as required by state law.

    Dr. Carol A. Tavani, who chairs the society's health panel, confirmed Thursday that Dr. Earl Bradley's sister, Lynda Barnes, sent the 2004 letter. Barnes told The Wilmington News-Journal that she did not witness anything, but relayed concerns expressed by others.

    Also on Friday, the Board of Medical Practice permanently revoked Bradley's medical license.