The "F" Word - How To Dramatically Improve Your Trading

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  1. It is time to see what type of idiots you must be used to dealing with in order to improve your trading, for, it can make a big difference if you are not the weak minded type.

    Only join in if you have the balls for it:D

    Mods, shift if you like, but please do not delete the thread, as it is very relevnt.

  2. Here we go, with Shithead No.1:D


    What a dumb mother fuker this idiot is.

    Just look at him, with his self professed fuked up mindset, a serial mother fuker, who spends his time posting fuked up useless shite about sweet fuk all.

    As he has been already told, he needs to fuk back to the shit hole where he was born and wallow in what he is used to:D

    Fukin idiot:p
  3. It can help greatly to leave out a few "FUKS" now and again:D

    As per example above, there are many Fuked up idiots on the internet, most are useless shit heads that do sweet fuk all only laze about most of the day behind a plastic box, and, think just because they type some fuked up words, about sweet fuk all, think that they are actually someone of significance:eek:

    Well, here are some truths, about the shitheads.

    They are useless pieces of shite, and, all they do is fuk it up for those with the weaker minds, for, some people, again, not to their own fault, are weak minded and easily influenced by suck Fuck Heads.

    I dislike these type of fuked up shitheads that set out to cause trouble for others, and, the main reason being they are so fukin thick they can't see that they are just useless pieces of shit, that are unwilling and unable to think for themselves, for, if they did, they would easily see just how fukin stupid they really are:D

  4. Rules

    Who gives a fuk about rules:eek:

    What is a fuking rule:confused:

    Who says that this is the right fukin way and that is the wrong fukin way!

    Is it some fukin idiot who is trying to sell some stupid fukin book or course, and, do you think if they actually had something or real value that the fukin idiots would share it with the public.

    Come on, wake the fuk up, and cop the fuk on:eek:

    Know what YOU MUST FUKIN DO, not what some stupid fukin idiot has said you must do.

  5. [​IMG]

    Listen here you fuked up little idiot, you are definitely one thick fukin shithole, and, what is more, you don't even trade, for, if you did, you would be able to say what is wrong with JH's posts, but, instead, you just post silly posts about him and his private life.

    JH might be a shithead as well, but I do not post about his private life, just about his silly and ridiculous trading related posts.

    Now, for the third time, FUK OFF to where you wallow, in the shithole where you are most happy:D

    Fuked up idiot:p
  6. Listen here fuk face, from now on you will only be replied to in this thread, along with all the other shitholes I will deal with:D

    An edge:D the only edge you know about is to the one found on a knife, you useless piece of shit:p
  7. I bet you that is the only chart we will see from you, you fuked up little shithole.

    It seems like you stick your little shitty arse in to other peoples threads and go on as if you know something about trading, you useless little fuk you:p

    It is little cunts like you that should be removed, for good, and the sooner the better, as you and your little shit hole buddies are nothing but fuked up lazy arse shit smelling dumb ass morons, and that is putting it mildly:D

    Fuked up idiot:p
  8. As I said, you fuked up little shit head, you know 2000 times less than JH, and that is being kind to you:D

    What an excuse for a chart, you dumb ass little shit head excuse for a trader.

    You have to be one of the most useless cunts I have ever come across, and to post a shit chart like that, without even thinking about it, shows how really fukin thick you are, you useless cunt:p

    TE will not be giving any more clues about charts, for, imagine what might happen if dumb ass fukin idiots like you were to learn even the basics of trading, Holy Fuk, the thought even makes me want to trade some more:D

    Fuked up idiot:p
  9. You really are ONE THICK CUNT:D

    You actually think you have an edge, with a stupid fukin chart like that, you dumb ass piece of shit:p

    Actually, I need to thank you, you little fuker, for I was about to start posting some real charts to follow up on previous ones, but now, I will not, and it is not because of what you have said, but because of what you are, a dumb little shit head fuker., and I had forgotten how many fuked up shit head idiots are actually out there.

    Fuked up idiot:p
  10. Oh well, I suppose I had it coming, and, who better to be caught out by than a little fuked up shit head who follows the mini R2K with a moving average squiggly line:D

    The Expert has been exposed by a fuked up idiot :D

    What will The Expert now do, for, it is now all over, the truth is now out and the real traders can jump for joy:D

    Fuked up idiot:p
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