The F.U.B.A.R. Guide to Speaking Religiously:

Discussion in 'Politics' started by james_bond_3rd, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. I only read hate from the phrases that contain the word "hate," as in "hate the sin ..."
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  2. How dare you offend Zeus with such drivel You will be lucky if he doesnt turn you into one of those goatmen things.
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  3. fhl


    Oh, ok. When he attacks religious people, he's not attacking Christians. On the other hand, when Christians attack a sin, they by definition are attacking the sinner.

    Thanks for teaching me what an unimpaired brain looks like. lol
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  4. 1. I don't hate religion or religious people, not even their actions or words, although I may interpret some of their words (such as "hate the sin") as hateful.

    2. Where did you read "love the person" part in my post? I would never love someone the way some religious people would love others.

    3. Where did you read "hate Christians" in my post?

    4. Where did I attribute "hateful things" to their "actions?" (I was only talking about words, for Chris' sake!)
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  5. fhl


    This is precious. This clown starts a thread with his "translation" of religious language, and then is terribly offended when someone "translates" what he said.
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  6. I see. "Religious people" are sacred and are not to be made fun of. OTOH, liberals, democrats, lefties, commies, moonbats are unpatriotic, hate America, and are Godless.

    By the way, when someone says that "liberals/democrats hate America," that's not attacking, that's simply stating a fact.

    Talk about "unimpaired brains!"
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  7. It seems that you have trouble reading. I am not offended at all. It is simply curious that you can read either "hate" or "love' in my post, where the only place the word "hate" can be found is in the phrase "hate the sin." I apologize for my unsuccessful attempt at irony.
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  9. lol

    sometimes out of (bad) habit, i still say "oh my god" from time to time..

    but lately i've been trying to replace it with "oh my frog"
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  10. jem


    Perhaps God is pleased by your efforts
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