The F.U.B.A.R. Guide to Speaking Religiously:

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  1. "Bless your heart" --- All-purpose phrase that can mean many things, most of them bad. Especially handy when speaking to or about a nonbeliever. When the nonbeliever identifies him- or herself as a nonbeliever, you say, "Bless your heart." Which means, "Bless your heart, because you are going to hell."

    "I'll pray for you" --- "You are going to Hell."

    "Hate the sin, not the sinner" --- This is what you say about a non-Christian person you disapprove of. ... It's nice, because it lets you get out your hate but still sound Christian. What it means is: "I hate the sin, and the sinner."

    Family values --- As in, "I believe in family values." This can mean a variety of things. For example:

    "I don't like to pay taxes for government services."
    "I'm afraid of homosexuals."
    "I'm afraid of black people."
    "I'm afraid of foreigners."
    "I believe Rush just had a bad-back problem."
    "I think the fifties was the best time in U.S. history."
    "I'm white."

    Evolution --- Absurd theory that holds that the earth is over six thousand years old.

    "God bless America" --- "My political speech is over."
  2. I think you pretty much nailed it.:cool:
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    The obvious thing that screams out from this leadoff post is the hate that JB has for religious people. The really funny thing is that he probably believes his hate is justified, while the hate of those he is lampooning is just such a terrible thing.

    Bless you, JB.
  4. Translation: "Bless you, JB, because you're going to hell!"

    Perfect proof!

    If you don't "hate" me, how can you read "hate" from my post?
  5. ehhh original poster is attacking religious beliefs. he's not saying he hates anyone.

    you have the problem here, hot him.

    and if anyone needs to be blessed, it's you with some religion cleaner for your impaired brain.
  6. If you don't hate Christians, how can you read hate from the phrases they use?
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    So the above was JBs version of the hate the relgion love the person?

    What I ask you is worse. Saying you hate Christians or atrributing hateful things to their actions.
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    hillarious, ... this clown probably has a "Celebrate Diversity" bumper sticker on his car.

    Question: Could you provide examples of the proper way to speak to Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Pagans, Wickens, also?

    Most blacks are christians you jack-ass.
  9. O' misguided ones. You argue over semantic dung. All of our problems revolve around our denial of the REAL Gods and adherence to the falsehoods we get from the Titans ( Christianamous, Muslimanous, Buddhanamous, Hindunamous,et al.). This world is in dire need of the blessings that can be given us by Aphrodite and Dionysus. Who can argue with the solace one finds in good wine and fine nymphs? It is not too late to turn back, but as mankind finds himself further and further from the TRUTH we will see Zeus lose all patience and allow the Titans to completely have their way.
  10. I wrote this awhile ago but it seems more true than ever:

    “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.”
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