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  1. I've gotta ask Baron's take on this thread:

    It seems that just about half of this OP's posts are something like this:

    The Expert
    07-20-10 03:49 PM
    I have done my homage to RN, now, back to reality



    The Expert
    07-20-10 03:54 PM
    Another fukin dim half wit

    They speak of odds

    Odds are they are two little shit heads, maybe out of play school a few weeks, who have just mastered the pottty

    Why the fuk don't you shit heads go and start an es journal, or some other load of shite to keep your fellow mugs happy

    Now, ONE (1) more time, FUK OFF

    What contribution can this thread really bring to the forum?
  2. Joe


    I reviewed and put a temp ban until I can review the rest of his posts.
  3. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I think the thread is entertaining and that's about it.
  4. I agree, its Joe that doesn't get it.
  5. The problem is that you do not use the ignore function. If you dont want to view one person's posts then use the ignore function.

  6. Mysteron


    By all means review the rest of the posts and please take note of the many idiots that plagued that thread, especially the ones who crawled out of the woodwork after TE was banned. They are the ones who destroyed the thread. It was made clear from the beginning that any idiots who made stupid remarks would be dealt with in kind. It is unfortunate that there is no means of creating private forums where the idiots could be excluded.
  7. You don't sound very intelligent.
    How can those "who crawled out of the woodwork after TE was banned. They are the ones who destroyed the thread" be the culprits?
    If you are talking about idiots, TE was the leader of the pack, without a doubt.

    If you were to look back on this thread many years down the track (with some maturity and experience) you will see it for what it is, a noob (TE) ranting and raving about how good he is when in fact he knows very little.

    I actually gained a bit from the thread myself, many of his supporters clearly advertised their trading ignorance so I added them to my ignore list, great medium it was for finding who were for me, time wasters on ET.
    But as well, I read the thread partially from time to time for the pure entertainment factor, there wasn't an ounce of substance to the thread except for the humor.
  8. Mysteron


    Unfortunately, you have aligned yourself with the idiot class. Your name confirms that! The thread, and related threads, contain information that will help a daytrader, but to see that requires an effort which the vast majority are incapable of. I'll never explain to anyone here what I learned. I will say that one important lesson is: think for yourself and stand on your own two feet, and don't be led astray by the crowd.
  9. What I'd forgotten to mention was, it was obvious the thread was going to end in a bun fight.
    That was what also made the thread entertaining, waiting for the inevitable, as the noobs fought it out with the more experienced traders.
    TE's ego wouldn't allow himself to learn from the more experienced, ironic as he wished to portray himself as a teacher, hence one other reason regarding the downfall of the thread when he turned abusive.
  10. odlareg


    So, my last post been deleted?
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