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How much is it good

  1. it's very nice

  2. not so bad

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  3. we're expecting for better

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  4. nothing at all

  1. enzio23


    What should we expect from Btc risen price ?
  2. enzio23


    Always believe in better......
  3. Palindrome


    It could take years to digest that bubble burst... I won't be re-interested in the issue for another 5 years or so. Markets don't just burst and retest highs right away, it takes years to digest. 8800, then the smart money sells or re-shorts in my opinion. But what do I know.

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  5. Overnight


    You forgot a 5th option in your poll..."Bacon". I would have picked that.
  6. Yea yea, and who doesn’t love bacon in the morning, if you catch my drift...
  7. Turveyd


    Uptrend weak formed before the run up, that obviously got someone interested, which sparked a rally and a nice move.

    Do I think we'll go back to 2017 madness ?? No, I think the interest is lost and run into too many sellers and no 1 is going to bid it to 20K again ever.

    So I expect this is just a dead cat bounce and it'll resume sell off and go to lower lows, likely bounce a few times, sucker in some retail.

    Fun to watch, no mates in it currently was advising when to exit and jump in last year, but got to slow.
  8. enzio23


    thanx for all your opinions fellas ,I really apreciated