The Evolution of a Trader?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Daal, Jan 28, 2003.

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    In your opinion what are the stages of the evolution of a trader? by stages l mean what is being traded not how is being traded.(ex: Naz/NYSE Stock Scalping -> ES - NQ Scalping -> etc.)

  2. what is being traded has nothing to do with the evolution of a trader. a trader trades what he/she is comfortable with, or was introduced to by someone more experienced. the evolution of a trader goes like this usually--- winning at first, then losing, losing, losing, then winning again--if you survive.

  3. 1. Tell me how to trade

    2. Show me how to trade

    3. Teach me how to trade
  4. bobcathy1

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    This is what happened to me

    1. The first set of lucky guesses.
    2. The reality of loosing.
    3. Throwing in the towel.
    4. Looking for a guru.
    5. Going through 100 trading programs.
    6. Loosing some more, winning a little.
    7. Hitting the books, developing your own system.
    8. Testing, testing and more testing.
    9. Finally getting it!
    10. Teaching someone else to trade.
  5. the learning curve is drastically shortened if you find a mentor who is consistently profitable