The Evil of Unions

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    This short video being broadcast nationally shows some disturbing statments made by unions and politicians supported by unions.

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  3. Look the days of the uneducated being highly compensated are over,,and the days of the over educated being over compensated are slowly coming to an end.
    We live in a global economy, yet many nations still protect there nations workers,,since there the ones who pay the nations taxes. Republicans will never protect workers when its simply easier to transfer jobs overseas.
    Are unions evil as it was described on here, I wouldnt think so. Are corporations evil, I wouldnt think so, were all just trying to make a living and take care of our families.
    Look at Arizona, you have the US chamber of Commerce and SEIU both working together against the state who wants to penalize corps that hire illegals.
    Non profits are now 1.6 trillion of the US economy, yet both want the benefits of a civil society but dont wish to pay the taxes needed to support one, courts arent free.
    Banks got tired of filing documents at the local court house for mortgages so found another way and when things went bad,,they ran quickly back to the court system, in the mean time states had to lay off people who made the system work.
    Hitler was evil, edi amin was evil, your putting unions in the same league as these gentlemen?
    When you say well govt union people make more than private sector people do well there are lies damn lies and statistics.
    Many in the govt have degrees, most of the people who answered telephones or threw out the garbage have been outsourced or technology replaced there jobs,,whats left are the over educated who wish to be compensated.
    In a warehouse you have the top floor and the shop floor,,those on the shop floor may be skilled or uneducated depending on the task. Many of the office help would be educated, I.T. people, accountants and management. One would think the office people would be more highly compensated than the person who unloads or loads the trucks.
    One must compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. I realize your rigid ideology mandates you hate unions but unions are such a small percentage of the US workforce, how is it that germany which has a higher union workforce than the US still manages to pay its employees well and they bankroll europe?
    In reference to the gentlemens statements on power one should consider that if you the employee walk into your bosses office asking for a raise and he says if you dont like it theres the door,,there isnt much power in one, he may tell you there are a 100 people waiting to do your task, but when a union says we want more money, well that manager may be more inclined to listen since the union represents many in that company.
    I write my senator I get a form letter thanking me for whatever concern prompted my letter,,if I lobby for a segment of the economy I am likely to get a meeting with one of there staff,,do you hate someone who lobbys like you would hate someone whose in a union?
    Ben Franklin said either we hang together or we hang individually, there is a certain power to numbers,,whether tea party whom I support for shaking up the political power structure, which is why the republicans and US chamber of commerce ganged up on them and in some cases lost, you go guys.

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