The evil of Dpctors

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    I was just diagnosed with lyme disease. I watched about 30 vids of peoples experiences. Of those 20 were functional and/or getting better, 5 had died, and 5 killed themselves due to pain that lasted forever, with no end in sight. gives some examples of this.

    The connecticut attorney general just sued a group of 8000 drs:

    These drs conspired to deny patients treatment by denying the disease even exists. They do admit lyme exists but say it can be treated with 2 weeks of anti biotics. I have seen people who need 12 years of treatment.

    Are drs willing to let people slowly die in wheelchairs because they are lucrative to treat; are they that evil and greedy; in my opinion, yes.

    Anyone who thinks our medical system isnt the worst on earth should read the ct AGs article.
  2. In many countries, Lyme Disease isn't known about, and can't be spelled in their own language, let alone treated.
    You could be happy and grateful you live in a country that at least gives you a fighting chance to find a Dr. who gives a shit, or delve into negativity.
    The cosmos brings us what we concentrate on.
    Blessings to you, and I hope you heal quickly.:)
  3. There are plenty of doctors but diagnosticians are few and far between.

    Spent 15 years in pain after visiting 8 physicians who were wrong and undergoing 2 unnecessary knee operations before I was correctly diagnosed with osteoneucrosis of the hips.

    The doctor who did my first hip replacement left to play golf while I nearly bled to death. Second replacement went ok. Two of the above doctors told me that I had cancer.

    I wouldn't be surprised if you were actually suffering from some other disease other than lyme.
  4. I am sorry you got Lyme's. I had, I believe stage 1, a few years back I got in the Czech Republic from a deer tick in the forest. 2 week after the embedded tick I had a funky spiral rash. The 2 weeks of doxicycline did the trick. My neighbor some how got it and hers is severe. She has to take a naps and has little energy. I don't know where she got hers, Colorado doesn't have a tick problem it's to dry I was told.

    Ironic to say the least since Lyme's comes from Lyme, Conneticut. There a 3 stages I believe, and once its 3 you are screwed for life. Expenive drugs and quality of life is down the tubes.
  5. You DO NOT have lyme disease spinn doctor.

    DO NOT
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    Ok, so let me get this straight.

    Doctors are evil, because you got Lyme Disease?

    I'm sorry you have that, but just because you were diagnosed with a disease that is often misdiagnosed and not easily understood does not mean that doctors are evil.

    I work with doctors on a daily basis, and I can tell you that they aren't perfect, but the vast majority of docs are truly interested in providing their patients with the best care possible.

    They often provide services that are net losses for their practice, due to under reimbursement, but still provide them nonetheless because it's in the patient's best interest.

    Many of the surgeons that I know work 70+ hour work weeks, not only because they make more money that way, but also because in their geography, there is a need for them to work that hard to carry the patient load.
  7. There is alot of things that is not known about lyme disease and why things happen with it. Some people think when you get your lyme disease cured that you then get autoimmunity and some think that the disease just survives the antibiotics, but no one can say 100% for sure.
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    Clacy reafd the report this the Connecricut AG saying the DRs conspired to both deny its existance and use tests that do not work, when there is a very good tests that is not open to interpretation and just says positive or negative. They voluntarily signed the document admiting their guilt. Drs are what really tanked the economy, they are the #3 cause of death in America yet are idolized by spineless fools because they make (take???) a lot of money.
  9. +1. I looked at his link, and Spinn needs some serious therapy in how to do research. 1 link or 1 news story or 1 accusation means little. And his assessment of the article is weak, and its foundation it is a charge from one unknown AG. To Spinn, it's the basis of conspiracy theory.
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    Doctors are no different than any other profession. You will always have a certain percentage that are just in it for the money, or are incompetent, or are even nefarious.

    You will always have varying levels of ability in any profession and when your life is on the line, you definitely want the more talented physician/surgeon caring for you.

    Saying the doctors brought down the economy makes you appear bitter and stupid.

    How can you blame anyone for wanting to earn a great living, after spending the entirety of their 20's and much of their 30's working ridiculous hours all the while going into massive debt.

    These truly are some of the brightest, talented and hard working people in our country. They actually provide value and deserve to make what they do and probably more.

    If you want to talk about people that make too much based on their productivity, let's talk about government employees, many public school teachers/officials and investment bankers.
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