The evil and worthless U.N. in Lebanon

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  1. Here is the organization currently involved in Lebanon. It is part of the U.N. - the true righteous organization set out to save the world that Z gets wet dreams over each and every night.

    Here is a partial quote from the current outline and background:

    Situation in the Area, July 2005—January 2006

    Further Secretary-General’s report on UNIFIL was dated 18 January 2006, in which he recommended to extend the Force’s mandate for a further six months, until 31 July 2006.

    Describing the political and security environment as still fragile, the Secretary-General pointed particularly to the November 2005 Hizbollah attack, which had led to a heavy exchange of fire with IDF. He also warned that the rocket firing incidents by unidentified armed elements of August and December had significant potential for military escalation. Persistent Israeli air incursions into Lebanese airspace also disrupted the fragile calm.

    Kofi, I'll give you a little clue. Those "unidentified armed elements" are part of an organization that rhymes with the word "Death to the Infidels."


    What follows are somewhat dated pictures that really should have been on a Benny Hinn skit. This is the U.N. The Abyss of tax dollars and pure evil to be a puppet of the Left and Liberal morons throughout the world. It is the doormat for the Arab and Muslim world.


    A French peacekeeper during exchanges between the French UNIFIL contingent and the Shiite militia movement AMAL in Marrakeh, Lebanon. UN Photo/Maher Attar. 13 March 1996

    I hope and pray that the French truly stay home and become the Burka fashion capital of the world. He must be guarding the wine for dinner. Hope he enjoys the new remodeling project and new view.


    Irish peacekeeping soldiers train members of other battalions
    in the use of a bomb-defusing robot, 1990, UN Photo

    The robot had no purpose for bombs. It was used instead to pick figs and olives in Hezbollah mined orchards and fields.



    A Norwegian peacekeeping soldier with a canine bomb scout in Beirut, 1990, UN Photo

    While you checked the car and the oil dipstick, +15,000 rockets, launchers, long ranch missiles and assorted goodies just happened to populate the entire region. Oh, and those streams of men with machine guns shouting "Death to the Jews," those are a proxy guerilla military force on sovereign territory. I guess the U.N. picture flash cards for your training didn't cover any of these topics. Darn!
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    I agree with you that the U.N. should be dismantled and thrown into the waste bin of history. The UN has been and will always be a tool used to further American foreign policy. Don't pay any heed to what the neocon controlled mainstream media say about the U.N, it's all a ruse to confuse the average dumb American voter. The only good thing about the U.N is its UNICEF program, at least starving kids get a meal through that program. The rest of the U.N. might as well be called a department in the U.S. State Department. It's not only a drain to the US taxpayer, but also a drain to taxpayers world wide.
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    Often times a mother runs toward two guys in a fist fight. “Now stop it! STOP IT!!!” The guys stop and then fight later when she’s gone. People fight until there’s a resolution, and a resolution is when someone wins and someone loses. But the UN is a conspiracy of women watching everything. They not only tell you to stop finding a resolution, they stay and watch so there is never a chance for any resolution.
  4. Some of Z's "innocents" might get hurt in this war. I wonder why?

    "Hizbullah's massive arsenal of missiles, some of which can reach greater Tel Aviv and are controlled directly by Iran, was assembled under the noses of UNIFIL troops. Indeed, UNIFIL's latest contribution is to complain that the current IDF operation has endangered its troops.

    Perhaps this is because Hizbullah has been known to base itself right next to UNIFIL forces, in the hopes that Israel would inadvertently hit UNIFIL in response. This is understandable from Hizbullah's cynical perspective, but harder to fathom in relation to UNIFIL's mandate to restore peace and security."