The evidence that PROVES Volente_00 is a liar *exposed*

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  1. We keep seeing Volente "call" entries that are just impossible fills. We see him lie about size he uses. The list can go on and on and on but in the end Volente is a liar. Now I bring you the most damning evidence against Volente_00...the ONLY recorded track record of his trading.

    From 2006

    Knowing this evidence would come out eventually, Volente_00 decided to change the name. However, what it appears he didnt know was that collective2 keeps track of all name changes. So scroll down to the box directly BELOW the equity curve, where it says "The name of this system has been changed 9 times." and then hit "show"

    Now you might be thinking, this doesnt prove anything. Someone could have posted this just to get back at Volente_00. Well, here is even MORE damning proof that it is in fact Volente_00, a quote from HIM on this site saying it is in fact his system.

    As you all know, that next event never took place. All that happened was Volente_00 tried to bullshit his way out of this mess by saying he PURPOSEFULLY lost money. I guess when all you do is average down into fake fills and infinite size, you are bound to blow up at least one sim account, right Vol?

    Lets not forget your "its the top of the market or Volente_00 will leave ET" in Oct 2006, how did that work out? I see it works out about as much as your word, worthless.
  2. tortoise


    who cares?
  3. Thats the attitude that has bankrupted this country.

    Too much debt? Not enough revenue? Who cares? I know I dont give a damn.

    Someone once told me

    Un hombre sin palabra, no vale nada

    A man who cant keep his word has no value.

    Volente has 0 value.
  4. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    So, if you're right, you're telling me that a person I don't know and have never met who is on an anonymous forum using a fake name is posting fake results of trades I never pay attention to and lied on a different website I never visited nor have any intent to go to?

    And you're saying that me giving less than a damn about the above is the same as the attitude that has bankrupted a country that I live in, am taxed in, and will leave to my children?

    Did I follow everything correctly?
  5. Seems like a lot of work to expose an anonymous poster that is committing any kind of business fraud or harming anyone. Volente could be a 12 year old Korean gamer in his underwear skipping school.

    Did you follow some of his calls and get burned?

    This is a forum you know...... :cool:
  6. you dont have it at all correct. When you see one person become a liar (aka scumbag) it is your job to point him out. This is your duty as an American citizen because if you let one person go on being a scumbag, then everyone will become a scumbag because repercussions do not exist. This attitude of "who cares, me and only me" is what bankrupted this country.

    You too are a scumbag for allowing other scumbags to exist
  7. I wouldnt follow him if he were Paul Tudor Jones
  8. LOL :p
  9. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    You must be new to the internet.

    And you're a jackass whose only real motivation is publicizing an axe to grind with another poster. Go on and continue posting how horrible this volente is. You do far more damage to you own pseudonym than any of us could ever accomplish.