The Euro is a bubble?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by crgarcia, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. I'm NOT saying the bubble is going to burst anytime soon, but Europe has poor fundamentals.

    Too much regulations, sky high taxes, corrupt countries, aging population that isn't growing.
    Lazy, uncompetitive, pessimist workers, lots of unions, the list goes on.

    So the Euro run is only caused by massive printing of the dollar, rather than europe solid economies?
  2. m22au


    Paper currencies are a big "ugly contest". Currently the US Dollar is winning.

    Meanwhile over in another corner, gold and oil are fighting a beauty contest

  3. hausse


    Which Eurozone countries do you consider corrupt?
  4. First and foremost: France!
  5. In order for the Euro to be shown for what it truly is, the US would have to stop being fiscally irresponsible. The dollar is hated - loathed in fact. Until that changes, people buy the Euro.
  6. PaulRon


    Call me crazy but I think we may see a significant countertrend rally start in the US dollar very shortly...
  7. I hear Italy is trying to push retirement to age 55, so taxes will go even higher, having to pay for all of the 55 yr olds who no longer have to work.

    If someone did some research into what the mode age is for Italy, they could probably predict when the value will drop.