The Euro Crisis - Which country will be next?

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  1. we got to talking about that on another thread. What would it take to just buy Greece? It's actually a little more than you might think. We couldn't think of anyone that could come up with the money.

    China has enough mouths to feed. I'm not sure they are in a position to buy troubled assets.
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  2. but I like the idea. let's just all pitch in and buy Greece.

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  3. vicirek


    To buy a country you need corrupt politicians and they are cheap. China is interested in stronger presence in Europe and want access to markets and technologies from Europe since most of the US know-how has been already acquired by China. Greece could serve as back door to Europe and they might be interested in that play. All the assets that can be bought in open markets now are troubled assets - some more and some less.
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  4. so, if you're in to buying troubled assets, now would be a good time to buy politicians, because apparently they are very cheap

    but I'll agree with you, they probably have a hell of a lot more in common with China than they do the United States
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  5. People will know you have it the moment you try to exchange it for something you need.
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  6. Go somewhere where someone doesn't know you when you trade.
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    they don't feed them well
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  8. India
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