The Euro Crisis - Which country will be next?

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  2. There is no good outcome for Germany, which can NOT transfer risk, last resort for EUR, Just like FED for USD, however FED has BOJ to back it up. Germany has noone else, maybe SNB, which is too small to back up Germany. Chinese don't like Merkel, think she is just another Sarkozy who is ready to fail. Russian is ready to back into eastern European with funds. Oil price is cornered, which only way to hurt Russian. Chinese will enjoy falling oil price, and probably back Russian up.
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  3. No one in Europe actually cares about the Euro Crisis. No one has bothered to put forward any ideas to solve it apart from me in my book.

    If they cared they would not be in the situation they are in now to start with.
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  4. There are plenty mis and conflict information about austerity, some countries have proffered treatments over Greek, especially Spain who just got 100 Billions for being bad. LOL, the standard isn't equal. My bet is SYRIZA will probably win over the weekend, stopping austerity non-sense.

    If Germany has any balls, it should just invade those mofo countries and ask its money back. Too bad, Merkel doesn't have any.
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  5. I just don't think they give a sh*t to be honest. I think they are thinking we'll pump prime till we die then leave it to the next generation.
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  6. Greece should just hire everybody back at their old jobs with their old salaries and their old pensions, but just simply not pay them (because we have no money.) If their jobs are really that critical to the country, people that need their services will bribe them.

    that's what you call a public private partnership
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  7. Jai


    Let China be not next :)
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    AFAIK a producer needs a consumer

    try and guess who are the consumers buying German products.
    done ?

    then try and guess who are the consumers pissed off by the german government behaviour, and that won't buy a crappy german-nazi car as long as they live.
    done ?

    all right then :D
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