The ETF Tax Dodge Is Wall Street’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’

Discussion in 'Taxes and Accounting' started by ETJ, Apr 6, 2019.

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    it's a secret no more.
    "A secret is is a secret if only two people know it. And then it is a secret only if one one them is dead."
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    That and ETFs are not like grocery business @ all.LOL I have to pay tax on food...…..unless I buy apples right off the farm. I do buy them that way+=you pay no tax on t hem that way in my state. Some people buy muni bonds that way + ETFs in Roth, same way LOL
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    It never really was a secret either. Kinda useless bit of information (there are arranged trades, so there is no price impact) unless you want to filter them out for some volume calculations.
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    is this something any regular ET folk can do?
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    Not sure what it would get you? It is a way for the ETF itself to unload appreciated stock without triggering a tax liability for the ETF. It doesn't benefit the bank who takes on the stock, except that the ETF essentially owes them a favor for it. Not sure which part of the transaction you'd want to be a part of? Essentially you do benefit from it if you're an ETF holder without doing anything.
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    Not sure why you would want to.[Unless you do not enjoy over paying taxes; in that case see or make a free phone call to a CPA]

    Some one wrote the US Treasury/ IRS a million dollar gift; but that is an unusual pattern.LOL:D:D. But remember the Mad magazine cartoon; they drew Gov/Pres Ronald Reagan, like a raven on perch, said an apology to Edgar Allen Poe/Raven Poem. The reporter asked ''how taxes galore??' Quoth the Regan ; ''less is more '' LOL
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    Sig is sometimes right.