The ET Real-Time Chat is Coming Back

Discussion in 'Events' started by Baron, Jan 7, 2016.

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    After a couple of years of work behind the scenes, I've got the groundwork laid to start bringing back many, if not all, of the features that we've had in the past. I'd like to get our real-time chat up and running again for those that would like to collaborate about up-to-the-second activity during market hours.

    I would like to set up some predefined rooms in advance (like an "Index Futures" room for example) so that the conversations taking place in each room are somewhat focused in nature. So with that said, I'd like your help in establishing these core chat rooms. If you have any suggestions about the type of room(s) that you would participate in yourself, post them in this thread so we can all brainstorm this out.

    Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
  2. wave


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  3. ACD room, Wyckoff room, Brooks room.
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  4. Stewie


    Anti-TA room. They need somewhere to go when we request to have them kicked out of whatever other room they try to spoil. :D
  5. Ooh, ooh! How 'bout an Elliot Wave Room?
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  6. Ditch


    Definitely an ES room.
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  7. Visaria


    Agricultures and softs room

    Energies room

    Stock index room

    Metals room

    Currencies room

    Fixed interest room
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  8. Banjo


    Take a hint from this page.
    Check the activity on your forums page for what to leave out. Too many rooms and you'll end up with a who likes chocolate chip cookies room. Definitely no P&R room as that is already a bunch of monkeys throwing feces.TA is a consideration in most trading decisions so no need of a separate octagon for that as anybody can mention it as a reason for the trade. Keep in mind you're running a trading community site, not a preschool. The last ET chat was ruined by a very small # of people who didn't trade or ever offer any trading info, they were just there to troll. A couple of bitter old men who had most probably been asked to leave their local dougnut shops as a result of annoying other patrons.
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  9. Crude / Global Energies
  10. The ET chat was great--- maybe Annaland and I will return ---- no need to break it down into sections--- even in its hayday. I don't recall more than 25 folks in the room ever
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