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  1. We have all we need here to caucus. The idea is to get to solutions before DC does, and see how close we were to what they actually do.

    First some Mea Culpas. During the primary season, I have played politics in the worst way. I have been obstinate, and have been, at times, mean spirited.

    I apologize.

    The dust has settled, and we now face our first really big challenge. The Fiscal Cliff.

    Speaker Boenher has agreed to put revenue (newspeak for taxes) on the table in exchange for spending cuts. We all know each others political bent here, so as a Progressive, I feel that Obama should take this plan.

    In the big three entitlements, we need to address that, but not all at once. Let's start with SS.

    We must either raise the retirement age, or cut benefits, or both.

    My plan: Cut benefits. Inform those 40 and under that their benefits will be cut. 40 is a good age, they still have 25 years to plan for retirement.

    40-55 retirement age will go to age, I dunno, 70?

    55 and up, no change, benefits stay the same.

    Medicare and Medicaid. Hard to address till Obamacare is rolled out.

    What does the ET caucus have to say. I know Tsing is not the only fiscal here, so let see if we can craft a plan before the politicos do, and see how close it is to our plan.

    Luke is concerned about the entitlement class. I agree that entitlements must be cut, but they have to be cut across the board, and incrementally.

    So how do we get this started?
  2. From what I read Boenhers revenue offer is closing loop holes and not raising taxes which isn't going to cut it

    IMO the best thing to do is let the fiscal cliff happen.End all the Bush tax cuts with some meaningful tax cuts in defense is a great start to fixing our financial problems imo
  3. I don't think that is an option. A universal tax hike will send us into the can.

    Do you have data on how much entitlements are costing us versus military spending?

  4. Entitlements cost more but it is paid for with withholding taxes.Even low income folks have it taken out of their check.SS has also taken in more then 3 trillion then it has paid out

    Military spending on the other hand is ridiculous,we spend more then nearly every other nation combined.We spend 700 billion,russia and china spend around 100 billion and nobody fucks with them.We were well defended when Clinton was spending 300 billion before Bush increased it to 700 billion

    SS can be fixed for 100 years by raising the the eligibility age around 3 years and a small increase in withholdings

    Taxes are to low,I think we are going to have to bring them back to Clinton rates .Might as well do it now and get it over with imo
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    Were you born yesterday? DC isn't even looking for real solutions. They ARE the problem. They're simply spewing the same old tired rhetoric designed to appease the brain dead sheeple.
  6. Saying that DC is the problem is tantamount to hiding under a rock. Worse, those "brain dead sheeple" are not going away, and they are going to continue to vote. Since you do not appear to be brain dead, what what you do about the fiscal crisis?
  7. I don't see how raising taxes on the middle class will help. Or are you suggest a raise on the top 2%?
  8. Anything that doesn't begin with removing social security from the general fund is a non starter with me. Stop the embezzling!
    Remove the cap from social security income limits. Problem is solved doing these two things. No need to raise the age or reduce the benefit.
    This will also limit defense spending as the boyz will have to find other ways to finance their wars other than robbing social security funds to do it. Anything that does not address congressional theft will fail, simple as that.
  9. Entitlement class :why don't we start with eliminating things that hurt productivity, like affirmative action.
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    It is a rarity indeed when I agree with AK47. But I agree with this.
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