The essence of trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Miki, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. Miki


    The essence of trading is its simplicity and the application of trading is its complexity.

    Did I come up with that or was it said by somebody else? I have no idea. I just feel it makes sense.

    When I was just starting out I tried to get as much information about trading as I could.

    And very early in that quest for knowledge I came across the small pearls of wisdom relating to trendlines, S&Rs, MAs and patterns.

    But, somehow, that didn't seem enough.

    My lengthy travel demanded something more - surely there must be a special, complex pot of golden knowledge that I need to find, drink from it and voila...I would be transformed into a trader.

    And the harder I looked for it the more frustrated I became - why was it hidden so well?!

    In the end I started trading with the sparse knowledge I had - and lo and behold - I realized that I have been looking at the wrong places.

    It came to me that the complexity in the art of trading does not lie within the trading - but within the artist himself!

    Applying the art of trading is what makes trading so difficult.

    Finding the depth of an artist is far more complex proposition - it is the place where the real journey can begin.

    I am on my way...
  2. You will never arrive (and neither will I), for the journey to your innerself is neverending,