The ES chart on my eSignal froze yesterday during news...

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Gamer, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. Gamer


    ... just before 10am ET, when Bernanke started speaking, and didn't come back until 10.05 ET.

    If your software didn't freeze, would you please tell me what platform you use?

  2. GS Trader on TT
  3. gttrader


    MultiCharts with DTN IQfeed
  4. Linnsoft IRT with DTNIQ feed is probably your best quality a retail trader can get without paying up.....

    Esignal (as you are learning) is inconsistent and relatively high priced for what you get.
  5. Using eSignal on the latest 10.5 version. No problems at all on Friday. I was tick for tick all through that announcement. Worked great.
  6. Are you running a lot of scripts on Esig? Have a ton of charts up?

  7. spd


    sierra with dtn iqfeed

    no freezing, not even a little chilly
  8. Spunky


    Amibroker with DTN IQFeed and Amibroker with IB

    never missed a beat.
  9. You've gotten a lot of really good charting/data feed combo recommendations here, if I were you I'd give them a try. :)
  10. Gamer


    No, I just have three time charts of ES (1min, 2 min, 3min), with just one moving average that is configured to compute on close.

    Very lightweight set-up.
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